Thursday, January 5, 2012

Popular Flowers of Japan

Japan's climate and location has made it a place where a large number of different varieties of flowers are grown. Flowers are also a part of Japanese culture, which values them due to their symbolism and beauty. There are many native flowers of Japan. Among them, the popular ones are discussed below.
Yellow Chrysanthemum
The Yellow Chrysanthemum is the most popular flower of Japan. It is also the official flower of this country. This yellow flower symbolizes the sun, happiness, fidelity and joy. The unfolding of its petals symbolizes perfection. It is also honored during Japan's "Festival of Happiness", which is held annually. Moreover, it is a belief among the Japanese that placing one of the petals of the flower at the bottom of a wine glass leads to a long and happy life.
Cherry Blossoms
The Cherry Blossoms or Sakura is also among the popular flowers of Japan and there is a whole season, namely the 'hanami 'season, associated with this flower. This flower blooms in spring, during which a special festival is held for honoring this flower. Their blossom brings hope to the people every year. This flower can be found in parks, temples and official building all over the country.
There are several varieties of Orchids grown in Japan. 317 species of Orchids are considered to be native to this country. The different varieties of orchids are placed in two categories namely 'tooyooran' and 'yooran'. 'Tooyooran' refers to those varieties that are native to Japan, while 'yooran' refers to the western varieties. They have a nice smell and bloom in different colors including yellow, white and pink.
Japanese Camellia
The Japanese Camellia is among the most popular varieties of Camellia in the world. It blooms in late winter and early spring and can be found in white, off-white, pink and red color. It is used to decorate Buddhist temples throughout the country.
Japanese Lotus
Lotus is commonly used for worship in Japan. It symbolizes spiritual awakening and is highly respected by the Japanese for its religious significance. It is also a symbol of immortality, perfection and truth. The flower blooms in midsummer.
The Azaleas of Japan are divided into two categories namely the 'tsutsuji', which blooms in April and the 'satsuki', which blooms in May. The flowers of the Azalea are found in pink, purple, red and orange. The Azalea is very popular in Japan as it can be made into a bonsai.
The above are the most popular flowers of Japan. A few more popular flowers include sunflowers, poppies and roses.

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